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Remediation Construction

Hartsfield International Airport Project, Atlanta, Georgia Lead Soil Remediation

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As part of the expansion of the Hartsfield International Airport, one of the properties to be acquired by the City of Atlanta was a former trucking operation located on Lees Mill Road. RCRA hazardous lead impacted soils were detected through the subsequent due diligence assessment. Prior to the property transaction, the lead impacted soils were to be removed from the property. REM-CON excavated approximately 2,000 tons of lead impacted soils from the Site.

The contaminated soils were screened to remove all battery casings and to reduce particle size and were treated by REM-CON with a combination of Triple Superphosphate (TSP) and lime to non-hazardous conditions and were subsequently disposed of off-Site at a local Subtitle "D" landfill.