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Remediation Construction

Grant Street Property, Atlanta, Georgia HSI No. 10560 HSRA Site Remediation

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The site was a former scrap yard located on 1.1 acres near the offices of EPD in downtown Atlanta. The objective of the site remediation was to remove all soils exhibiting the hazardous characteristic for lead, placement of a protective cover (Cap) to control any future migration of the residual soil contamination, and the installation of an asphalt parking lot.

REM-CON excavated approximately 400 tons of lead impacted soils from the Site. The contaminated soils were treated with a proprietary stabilization/fixation reagent to non-hazardous conditions and were subsequently disposed of off-Site at a local Subtitle "D" landfill.

As part of the contract, REM-CON installed a retaining wall, concrete detention pond, all associated storm water and sanitary piping, security fence, lighting system, and sidewalks. REM-CON completed the installation of the detention pond, storm water piping, clay Cap, and sidewalks in October 2001.