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Remediation Construction

Bradley N. Kimpling, EE



Electrical Engineering, GA Institute of Technology, 2002

Other United States Naval Dive School, NDSTC, 1995
United States Naval Fire Fighting Advance Supervisor and Team Trainer, 1994
United States Naval Nuclear Pipe Line, Reactor Operator, 1993



Operations Manager


Field Sampling Supervisor, KHAFRA Engineering Consultants, Inc.


Division Supervisor, Reactor Controls Division and Diver Division


Construction Project Manager, Anchor Investment Corporation


Field Superintendent, Dundee Citrus Growers Association


Confined Space Supervisor Certification, 2000
Trench Shoring OSHA Certification, 2000
40 hour HAZWOPER Certification, annual 8-hour updates, 2000-Present

Profile of Professional Activities
Construction Experience

  • Project construction manager for a 650 unit mini-warehouse self-storage facility. Position required material acquisition, obtaining and supervising all manpower requirements, subcontractor management, and responsibility for all field design changes.
  • Project manager for the installation of a reverse osmosis water treatment system to reclaim approximately 60% of this corporation's cooling tower blow down water resulting in a significant reduction of water usage. Work included piping, electrical, and start up activities, Graham Packaging, Inc., Atlanta, GA.
  • Project construction manager for the retrofit of Southern States, Inc. wastewater treatment system including re-piping, electrical, installation of new pumps, and replacement of treatment system components. Work also included the construction of a secondary containment system around this companies' copper plating operation and several satellite offices in the warehouse to accommodate new employees.
  • Installed wastewater treatment flow monitoring systems (H-Type Flume and submerged probe flow meters) at Graham Packaging, Inc, MacDermid Graphic Arts, and Georgia Pacific's plant in Norcross, GA.
  • Erosion control inspector for the City of Atlanta, East Area Combined Sewer Overflow and Intrenchment Creek Water Reclamation Facility. Conduct evaluations of current erosion control methods and direct the prime contractor on points of deficiency and methods of correction. Design and develop erosion control plans for the prime contractor for conditions not addressed by conventional means of erosion control.
  • Director of renovation team for newly acquired investment properties. Specializing in total renovation of strip mall centers and office complexes per lessees design requests.
  • Field superintendent for construction of multiple strip mall centers. Focused on carpentry and masonry aspects of construction. Directed a team of 11 carpenters and 4 masons.
  • Experienced in the installation of high pressure and low pressure subterranean piping systems. Including wastewater, storm water, steam, and potable type piping systems in all types of soil except for graded rock.
  • Team leader for overhaul of USS Newport News while in dry dock. Responsible for directing a seven-man maintenance team over a three-month period to perform routine maintenance, specialized maintenance, and plant operations. Maintenance items included high-pressure steam piping systems requiring level one quality control, high pressure air and water systems up to 4500psi, and reactor plant operations and testing.
  • Reactor Operator for the USS Newport News (SSN-750). Responsible for proper operation, testing, maintenance, and repair of the reactor plant while shutdown in port and operational at sea. Duties entailed operational testing of the reactor plant protection and analysis complex. Systems ranging from basic electro-mechanical devices to high speed digital systems. Systems included programmable logic controllers, EPROM devices, and basic analog systems at both the integrated and discrete levels.
  • Ships design liaison to Westinghouse Laboratories during the design and testing phases of new reactor plant analysis and testing equipment. Responsible for review of procedures for accuracy and potential violations of reactor plant safety. Directed installation, operation, removal of experimental equipment, and provided design topic feedback while acting as a test platform to Westinghouse laboratories.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator.

Environmental Experience

  • Project Manager for a soil remediation project at a HSRA site located in Norcross, Georgia. The project involved the removal and off-site disposal of approximately 2000 tons of solvent and petroleum impacted soils and the application of an oxygen release compound used to enhance the biodegradation of the associated petroleum groundwater contaminants.
  • Project Manager for a soil remediation project at a HSRA site located in Atlanta, Georgia. The project included the removal and treatment of all soils exhibiting the hazardous characteristic for lead, placement of a protective cover (Cap) to control any future migration of the residual soil contamination, and the installation of an asphalt parking lot over this 1.1 acre former scrap yard.
  • Excavated and disposed of contaminated soils associated with two USTs at the former Metropolitan Golf Course and Country Club Site in Lithonia, GA.
  • Responsible for field operations for the John's Creek Watershed, Jordan Creek Watershed, and Columbia County MS4 water quality characterizations. Responsibilities included automated equipment acquisition, installation and setup, maintenance on installed equipment, and collection of all samples and field data.
  • Performance analysis of a chemical wastewater treatment system for oil and grease removal at Nabisco. Evaluated current operating conditions of the treatment system and recommended implemented plans resulting in the treatment system returning to design specifications.
  • Response team leader for oil spill clean up from shipboard discharge while a member of USS Newport News. Responsible for monitoring discharges from the shipboard into surrounding waters and for the implementation of cleanup procedures for inadvertent discharges.
  • Conducted industrial wastewater discharge monitoring for several industrial facilities within the City of Atlanta and Fulton County, Georgia. Discharge monitoring included grab sample collection and time/flow proportionate composite sampling. The facilities encompass high temperature plastic mold injection, cardboard packaging, and electroplating.
  • Conducted environmental sampling of shipboard submerged biologicals attached to the ships hull for potential contamination/activation by ionizing radiation.
  • Conducted test pit investigation for an on-site landfill and completed a solid waste removal project at the National-Standard Company in Columbiana, AL.

Safety Experience

  • Currently the Safety Officer for the City of Atlanta, East Area Combined Sewer Overflows and the Intrenchment Creek Water Reclamation Facility renovations and upgrades. Requires the review of all work plans to ensure all procedures meet OSHA guidelines for safety of personnel. Responsible for random site safety inspections to verify compliance. Act as a liaison between the City of Atlanta and the prime contractor to address all safety issues of the city or the contractor to ensure safe conditions for the public, City of Atlanta Employees, and employees of the prime contractor.
  • Contracted Safety Consultant to Paramount Contracting, Inc. for trenching and shoring in association with installation of sewer pipe. Work included horizontal boring in fuel saturated soils and welding in potentially contaminated atmospheres.